Welcome to "Salsa Freeway" dance company.

We at "Salsa Freeway" are committed to teaching and promoting Salsa dancing to the world. Our Salsa classes are for the enjoyment of adults, teenagers and children. We teach progressive classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced individuals and groups. Apart from Salsa we also teach Mambo, Cuban Rumba, Cha,Cha,Cha, Merengue, Bachata and advanced Salsa performance routines.

Some of our special services include:
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Corporate Events
  • Performances
  • Salsa fitness well being health programs

All our classes are simple, easy to learn and will add passion to your life.

For happiness and passion, get on the "Salsa Freeway", we will put an extra shine on your body moves and sizzling routines.

Let me take you to the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s Salsa?
Salsa Music/Dance is a mixture of many Latin and Afro Caribbean rhythms and dances which originated in Cuba, evolved further in Puerto Rico, New York City, Colombia and many other Latin Countries.

Salsa dancing is well covered in the Movie Industry and some of the Salsa routines can be seen in movie scenes like "El Cantante" and "Dance With Me". Salsa (Sauce) is and intimate passionate dance with free self expression of shoulders, hips, feet and body movement combined with outrageous combination spins and moves. Salsa is breath, life and passion!!!

Photo Poses: John Davila & Wes Stengel
Photo Collaboration: Daniel D. & Salsa Bob

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